Our professional services focus on health and welfare benefits, and encompass five broad categories of services:

Actuarial Services

  • Self-funded plan pricing
  • Health plan financial projections
  • Claims reserve (IBNR) development
  • Rate negotiations
  • Medicare Part D attestations
  • Retiree health valuations (FAS 106 / GASB 45/75)

Analytical Services

  • Health database development
  • Data analysis
  • Risk management
  • Ad hoc reporting

Health Promotion and Care Management Evaluation

  • Wellness program design and assessment
  • Care and disease management evaluation
  • Integrated health management solutions

Performance Measurement and Monitoring 

  • Claims experience analysis
  • Trend analysis and projections
  • Financial reporting
  • Prescription drug management

Strategic Health Consulting

  • Long term planning
  • Program structure and design development
  • Vendor procurement and evaluation

Actuaries Northwest

 Actuaries Northwest currently provides expert advice and services to Fortune 500 companies, self-funded employers, multiple-employer health trusts, and third party administrators, and has experience with companies ranging from 100 to 30,000 employees.